Summer Maintenance for Artificial Turf

Everyone looks forward to the warm summer months, especially those that live in colder climates during the winter. The summer means warmer weather, sunshine, family vacations, family outings, pool openings, beaches and finally being back outside to enjoy it all. It means beautiful colors as the flowers begin to bloom and full leaves on the trees. However, with all that positivity comes a bit of negativity as you also have to address taking proper care of your real grass lawn again. 

Real grass lawns require a lot of time and maintenance to keep them looking good. Typically this means installing a sprinkler or irrigation system to provide water. In the hotter months, mother nature doesn’t always provide the essential water your lawn needs, especially for those that live in a dry climate. With sprinkler systems, you have the constant worry that the sprinkler heads could break or the piping in the underground irrigation system could break. Sprinkler heads and pipes are also prone to clogging also which prevents them from operating correctly. These are often costly and time-consuming repairs. 

Not only that, but if you are away on a family vacation, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not the timers on your sprinkler system are working and the lawn is getting the water it needs when it needs it. A lawn that dries out is not a pretty green surface. The summer sun can scorch the surface of your grass leaving behind dry, dead and brown spots. It can even kill the grass entirely. 

Summer months also mean mowing, cutting, weeding, trimming and raking lawn clippings if your mower doesn’t collect them for you. You have to perform all of this maintenance in order to keep the lawn looking green and fresh. Also, this proper maintenance is essential to stimulate new growth. Sometimes in the summer months you even have to invest the time and money to re-fertilize, re-seed and aerate the lawn to keep it looking good. Harmful chemicals are often necessary in summer months to keep away insects and other pests as well. These chemicals have the potential to be extremely harmful to your family. 

Wouldn’t you rather be spending all this time with your family instead of investing it in your lawn? If the answer is yes, then you should consider synthetic grass. Artificial grass requires none of the same care that real grass does. You do not have to mow it, cut it, weed it or water it. This means not having to worry about the upkeep on a sprinkler system and whether or not your lawn is being properly cared for while you are away. Artificial turf is not effected by the sun, which means no unsightly dead spots. Synthetic grass also doesn’t need treatments with any harmful chemicals, which means reducing the health risks to your family. The only maintenance required for artificial turf in the summer is the occasional removal of debris with a blower and the occasional spray off with a hose, leaving you more time to spend with the family.

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