What’s New in Artificial Turf? Resolving Your Health Concerns

Artificial turf has existed since the early 1960’s. Many famous sports arenas and baseball fields utilize the synthetic grass in order to keep a clean, low maintenance field that is always easy to prepare on game day. Utilizing artificial turf means being more energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Some states that have experienced droughts in the recent past have found that waterless grass is a great way to save one of the most essential resources. It also makes for a great energy saver for the homeowner or business owner in this busy day and age. Taking care of a lawn can require a lot of time and money. Most people just don’t have time for the upkeep.

Concerns, spiked from the media, have some people worried about health dangers of a synthetic lawn. There is thought to be link between some of the material used for the infill (the product that is placed between the fibers of the artificial turf) and some cancers. Some parents are also concerned of a link between breathing problems and the synthetic infill.

Crumb rubber, produced from recycled automotive and truck scrap tires, was the main cause for concern. Though studies are ongoing, and may take years to complete, there is no definitive study linking health risks with the turf. We however, do take these customer concerns very seriously and have started to use other organic material, besides the crumb rubber, for our turf infill.

Some new infill alternative options include; coconut fibers, silica sand, or cork. There are many other alternatives available that we are also pleased to offer such as Recycled Artificial Grass. We aren’t just a turf company, we also help save the environment by recycling used turf that is pulled from fields around the country.

We want to reassure our clients that our products are safe, friendly and low maintenance! Turf is a great choice not only commercial properties, but also small land owners. With our competitive prices, it is very affordable.

We have been in the turf making business since our founding in 1998. We are one of the biggest turf companies worldwide. We can also boast of high quality products. All of our turfs are water permeable, meaning that water will drain through the turf as opposed to sitting on the turf and creating a film of bacteria or fungal spores.

On top of being water permeable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly, our products are made from 100% recyclable materials. We hope that you chose us for all of your turf needs!